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In the fall of 2004, two ambitious graduate students at The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business started m2 marketing. The former Buckeye student-athletes used their competitive nature and internal drive to create one of the premier boutique firms in Columbus, OH.

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m2 works with clients to design and develop customized, cost-effective website and graphic design solutions. We've worked with a diverse set of businesses and organizations across the nation, ranging from small startups to nationally recognized brands.
During the Jim Tressel era at THE Ohio State University, Aurora was thrilled to partner with M2 marketing to Brandscape™ the coaches’ offices at the, then NEW, Woody Hayes Athletic Center (WHAC). The story goes that the coaches wanted to feature Buckeye greats on their walls. They were given a certain budget per coach to frame and hang images of the players. M2 approached Aurora and together, we were able to fill an entire wall with images for the same or less cost than a photo, frame, mat and glass… And what an impact it made! We think that’s why they were able to win the National Championship!!!
Most recently, Aurora teamed up with M2 again for a Brandscaping™ project – this time in M2’s own offices! And – turnabout is fair play (an athletic proverb…) M2 Marketing is Aurora’s website developer!