The Lawrence Funderburke Youth Organization


LFYO provides innovative and cutting-edge programs to youth and adults across all economic backgrounds. Their approach is quite simple: meet youths where they are but help them get to where they are going. They speak the language of their audience – whether urban or suburban – while helping them obtain new heights in their personal and financial development that they didn’t think were possible, without ever being judgmental about their life experiences or current standing.

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The seed for LFYO was planted in the life of its founder at the age of 12, who grew up in abject poverty in a single-parent home in the Sullivant Gardens Housing Projects here in Columbus, Ohio. Abandoned by his father at the age of 9, Lawrence gravitated to academics, sports, and entrepreneurial activities to keep his mind away from the “streets.” Lawrence made a promise to God that he would give back to young people from similar circumstances if the opportunity presented itself. Lawrence is a living testament that faith, perseverance, and vision work regardless of one’s life experiences. Young people from similar backgrounds can relate to Lawrence’s story of triumph, while being attracted to his celebrity status as a former NBA player. A deeply religious and family man, he has used his resources and expertise in financial planning and personal development to empower disadvantaged young people to fulfill their vast potential in every area of life. Lawrence has authored two books, Hook Me Up, Playa! and The Triangle Formula of Success. (All proceeds from the sale of these two books are invested back into LFYO.)
LFYO, a 501(c)3 non-profit, has touched the lives of over 3,000 participants around the country since 2000. Programs include Financial Life Skills, Fundy's Math City, Job Skills Readiness, Entrepreneurship 101, Etiquette and Manners, and Nutrition and Exercise 101, among others. We provide free and contracted services for schools (public and private), faith-based organizations, and after-school facilities (park and recreation, Boys and Girls Clubs, etc.)
Lawrence and Monya Funderburke started a Health and Wealth Fitness facility called “FunderMax” and Aurora was asked to Brandscape™ the space which combined fitness classes, healthy lifestyle classes, and wealth management (financial literacy) workshops for all ages. Aurora Exhibit Solutions is often a “field trip” stop during Mr. Fundy’s summer camps, where we teach the importance of “BRAND-YOU”.
Not just because we are avid OSU basketball fans, we are proud of the work of LFYO and proud of our association with Lawrence and Monya and their hard work of changing lives.